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Web design is so much more than simply creating a web site.
Phoenet works with you throughout the life of your website to ensure you and your clients’ needs are met.

UX Research

We work with you to determine what you and your customers’ vision of your branding should be.  Then we take that vision to development and implementation, keeping you engaged throughout.

Custom Programming

Every client’s needs are different.  From simple brochure-style websites to full web applications.  Graphical interfaces, database back ends, live front to back responsiveness.  Phoenet has you covered.

Web Development

We’ve been at this since 1993.  A lot of web technology has changed, and it continues to develop at break-neck speeds.  You can rely on Phoenet to stay ahead of the curve, keeping your clients engaged and returning.

Mobile Ready

Every Phoenet site is mobile ready, ensuring you reap the benefits of reaching your on-the-go customers.  We even custom build browser-specific hacks to guarantee a complete audience.



Phoenet works tirelessy to have your site appear before your competitors on leading search engines.  SEO is an ever-changing science.  Let us worry about this sort of geeky stuff, you have sales to tend to!


We work with you to either create your brand from scratch or take your existing material and integrate it into our mutually agreed upon design.  Need a logo?  No problem.  Phoenet can take of that for you.


Phoenet takes your idea and turns it into a brilliant brand. 

Then we show your idea to the world, exposing it to your target audience.


Phoenet supports you and your ideas througout the life of your website.
Whether you want us to manage part or all of your site, we are here to help.


We know what looks good, and what works.

Phoenet works with you to capture your ideas in both a visually stunning
and technologically captivating web presence.


“Not only did he create a multifaceted site which included a blog, email, and a marketplace, he also handled the graphic design – taking on the demands of a professional artist’s site…(read more)

~ Anna Lindsay

“I didn’t have any particular design in mind and asked Phoenet to build a site and branding from the ground up.  All of my expectations were exceeded.  Fast, efficient work and well within our budget.  Sales started rolling in almost immediately.  I couldn’t be happier!”

~ Alvah (AJ) d’Entremont

“Trevor at Phoenet took on my very large project.  He spent as much time as it took to realize my vision and didn’t charge me extra even though it took longer than originally quoted (my needs kept changing).  Phoenet’s goal from the beginning was to make sure I was happy with my website.”

~ Ken

Expand your brand

Want to stand out beyond your competitors? Take your brand to the next level with a custom video.

You’ve got a great idea. 

We’ll make it awesome.


Phoenet offers more than just web design.  We provide you with everything you might need for any project on which you are working.

From domain names to SSL certificates to hosting space… or all the above, Phoenet’s suite of web products and packages will have you up and running in no time.

Best products.  Best prices.

 Let Phoenet help you achieve your online branding goals.